Being Berber..."has got us hooked. So...don't loose them out of your sight because they form part of the future." - Esquire Spain

“Being Berber has a new album to show the world… You’re going to like them, trust us.”  -MTV Spain

“In the wake of the best indietronica…” - Jenesaispop

After going through the Red Bull residencies in Madrid, and releasing their EP " Anthem," Being Berber has now gone on to release their full length LP "Chromatography.” As one of the best Spanish albums of 2015, according to National Radio 3, Chromatography, as they describe it, is "a chronic ache in the bones of the nomadic kind. Wanderlust. A collection of stories, windows down, away from town."

Musician, singer songwriter, Chris Peterson is behind the wheel of this electro pop band from Madrid. Born in Portland and influenced by his touring parents in 80’s Europe, Chris describes the Being Berbers as “a pile of re-used, beat up cassettes for road trips”. This mixtape, a compilation of relevant stories, are the anthems of this nomadic tribe. So buckle up and let’s see where this synth driven conversation takes us.   


Keyboard, Sampling, Lead Vocals / Chris Peterson
Guitar, Vocals / Gonzalo Ruiz
Synths / Pablo Rego
Drums, Sampling / Marco Lipparelli